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    The Power Up Podcast is presented by the BCEA and the U40 group as your window into the electrical industry in British Columbia. 

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Podcast Episodes

Episode 1 - Meet the CEO with Tim Horsman

            Andrew MacLeod and Chris Brams sit down with Tim Horsman, the president and CEO of E.B. Horsman to discuss the early eats of his career and               how he has grown into his role today. It is an insightful look into the history, the president and the furture of the electrical industry in BC

Episode 2 - Construction Forecast  with Mike Maierle  

            Please enjoy this interview with the President and founder of ERTO Construction, Mike Maierle. Since opening in 2015, ETRO has quickly become                 one of the fastest growing construction companies in BC and Mike offers us a number of his insights on a wide cariety of topics. From the struggles                    of 2020 to the opportunities that will come in 2021 and beyond, this is an intriguing conversation you won't want to miss!

Episode 3 - Industry Update: Supply Chain Challenges

            Chris Brams & Andrew MacLeod talk about the new events coming up, as well as discuss the latest on supply chain issues in manufacturing. 

Episode 4 - Industry Update: Getting Back to Work

            Chris and Andrew sit down this week to discuss the benefits and challenges of returning to an office setting and what changes we may see in a post                     COVID workplace. 

Episode 5 - Leadership Series - Perry McDougall

    Chris Brams sits down this week with the President of Goodwin Industrial Electric, Perry McDougall. They discuss Perry's early years and the      

progression of his career, plus his unique outlook on employee work/life balance and how he is helping the future of the trades through his leadership      in local apprenticeship programs.

Episode 6  - Industry Update - Flip the Script

            Chris and Andrew sit down this week to discuss  the upcoming  BCEA (formerly known as LINK) conference. They also discuss  an exciting new 

            Co-op program to help bring young talent into the industry. 

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