Together We Can - Energy 2 Action

Join us starting February 1, 2023 for our Health and Wellness Challenge!

It's back!  We want to encourage BC members and their families around the province to get moving and stay 

healthy physically and mentally. 

It's easy to can walk, run, hike, hit the gym, or take a yoga class and it all counts!  

Prizes by random draw and everyone participating will qualify.             

Why Are We Doing This?
Who Can Participate?
What Is The Goal?
Why Are We Doing This?

Over the last few years mental health and fitness have been front of mind for most employees and employers. Fitness challenges can be a great way to get excited about wellness. In fact, a fitness challenge can be the cornerstone of a comprehensive wellness program.

Millions working from home is a great example of how things have changed. While employees might cheer the added flexibility, our  wellness is suffering. Even before the pandemic, the CDC estimated that 80 percent of adults were not getting the recommended amount of exercise per week. Now, without daily commutes, lunch breaks, watercooler chats, walk and talks, and other office traditions, we’re moving around even less. Over time, this inevitably leads to higher incidences of lifestyle-related diseases and escalating health insurance claims.

Who Can Participate?

We encourage everyone around the province to get involved. Be a champion in your area, and rally the team! Email us to get started.

What Is The Goal?

The most important thing is to get everyone involved moving and active. But, wouldn't it be neat to combine our steps at the end of the challenge to see how far across Canada we can get. From Victoria BC to St. Johns Newfoundland takes 9.3 million steps! If each person reaches their weekly goal of 30,000 steps, in 1 month they would have walked approximately 120,000 steps. If we get 77 participants, combined we would have walked to St. Johns Newfoundland. #togetherwecan #shinebrightertogether

How to join

  Step 1: Fill out the registration form below

  Step 2:  This year we are making it easier.  Simply follow the BC Electrical Association Facebook page.  Post your progress to encourage others to get involved and get moving!  Post your progress, ask health or fitness questions.  

  Step 3:  Start your progress on February 1!  If you do not have a tracking app no problem.  You can download the suggested free apps or manually track your activity and send it in your report.

  Step 4:  Fill out the weekly form to enter your progress!

What else can you do during the month?

            ·  Invite your colleagues (You can join anytime! It’s not a race, its about your health)

            ·  Keep an eye on the FB feed to get tips or help others stay motivated. 

            ·  Post a picture of your activities, add the hashtag #togetherwecan and get an extra entry into the prizes

            ·  Invite group members on a hike, or a walk, or other activity

            ·  Join the mid-month round table that will have a guest speaker on food prep and see how everyone else is doing

            Free Apps To Track Steps

 Fitbit  |  Cost: Free  |  Get it for iOS or Android

Guess what? You don't actually need a Fitbit tracker in order to use the Fitbit app! In addition to being a step tracker, this app can also log your food and hydration each day while managing your health and fitness goals.

 Google Fit  |  Cost: Free  |  Get it for iOS or Android

This is one of the best step counter apps for Android because it was developed directly by Google in a collaboration with the American Heart Association. It tracks way more than just steps: it monitors all of your physical activity and lets you set fitness goals by working with the other health apps you have on your phone already.

Need more motivation?        
We will be drawing names of participants for a prize at the end!

Join the Challenge!