Unconscious Bias Training

Join us on ​Tuesday, March 23, 2021
​@ 12 PM PST

The Goal of Ashanti Leadership & PDS is to provide the tool to address Unconscious Bias in their organization and identifying its impact on everyday decision-making. Our aim is to provide individuals with the tools to harness their skills and become confident in determining their own destiny. We believe there is “always room to grow” and each individual has the capacity to make it happen by exploring their passion, innovativeness and self-awareness.

CEO of Ashanti Leadership & PDS, Ann provides strategic services through a diversity and inclusion lens. She provides professional advice and guidance to corporate businesses, government institutions, non-profits, individuals and communities.

Having lived on three continents, worked within diverse organizations and communities in senior management positions in London, UK and Canada, Ann has gained a solid understanding of corporate and strategic management.

Ann’s education includes a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management, Sociology (Hon) Degree, Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work, Human Rights, Certified Coaching Federation Certificate, Adult Education, and Leadership Development.

Ann's work is underpinned by her knowledge and expertise in human rights, people management and entrepreneurship. Her unique style, combined with adult education principles, has brought her recognition in the fields of leadership development, change management, diversity and inclusion, conflict management, facilitation, business advice and more.

Topics Covered
    • Develop and strengthen participants knowledge of Unconscious Bias and it’s impact on the everyday experience of those who are seen as different.
    • Raise awareness about where bias comes from and our natural tendency to associate with those like us.
    • Explore how they are embedded into our structures, organizations and society as a whole.
    • Examine biases through the lens  of culture, economics, society, media and social location which dramatically affects how we see the world around us.
    • Discover how unconscious bias can impact individual’s behavior, and our everyday decision making both in the virtual workspace and the physical workplace.
    • Strengthen each individual’s knowledge, promote inclusive practices and challenge individual’s own internal capacity to be bias and help to eliminate them.

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